Details of a $110-million project bringing high-speed Internet to rural Northumberland

Rural internet Northumberland County

A $110 million project will bring high-speed Internet to 13,500 rural residents in Northumberland County

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If you are a person living anywhere in rural Northumberland County, there was good news for you last week. High-speed internet is coming. The little spinning beach ball is gone. The downloads that seem to take an eternity are over. That’s what politicians are promising.

A $110 million project was announced by officials from all three levels of government. It will bring super-fast connectivity to the doors of 13,500 people in the county who are currently not being served or underserved.

Once this all gets built, others will also be able to connect.

The project is a unique public-private partnership that could be a model for other rural municipalities across Canada. Dan Borowec, the director of economic development for Northumberland County, will give all the details.

Originally aired: May 6, 2022


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