Hospital board looking to become more diverse and inclusive during recruitment drive

Northumberland Hills Hospital Board 2019

The Northumberland Hills Hospital Board of Directors for 2019: From LR, front row: Marg Hilborn* (President, NHH Auxiliary); Starr Olsen; Lynda Kay (First Vice-Chair); Susan Walsh* (VP, Patient Services and Chief Nursing Executive); Pam Went (Chair); Elizabeth Selby; Dr. Mukesh Bhargava* (Chief of Staff). Second row: Dave Slater (Second Vice-Chair); Tyler Hathway* (Past Chair, NHH Foundation Board); Tom McLean; Michael McAllister; Cyndi Gilmer; Ann Logan; Bob Carman; Dr. Fraser Cameron* (President, Medical Staff Association); Linda Davis* (President and CEO). Absent from the photo: Catharine Tozer; Dr. Sarah Karkhanechi* (Vice President, Medical Staff Association), Don Morrison. The * indicates appointed members representing various staff or departments. There is no current photo of the board due to the pandemic. Photo courtesy of Northumberland Hills Hospital.

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If you were to look at a group picture of the board of the Northumberland Hills Hospital, some things would stand out. First, you need to remove all the staff and department heads to see the community members. Then, you will notice there are more women than men. You might also notice that there is not a lot of diversity regarding representatives from community members beyond that. If you dig a bit deeper, you might also find there is not a lot of inclusiveness regarding race, economic class, and age.

Well, the two members of the hospital board, the chair Pam Wente and nomination committee member Cyndi Gilmer, will tell you they are trying to change that. As you will hear, the board is looking to recruit new members in the hopes of getting a broader representation from the community. Here is that interview.

Originally aired: April 29, 2022.

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