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Use of temp agency key issue as nurses take job action during contract talks

Two nurses

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Currently, nurses from across Ontario are negotiating a new contract. This includes nurses at Northumberland Hills Hospital and Campbellford Memorial Hospital. Exhausted from the pressures of getting through the pandemic, understaffing, and a wage cap imposed by the provincial government, many are upset. One key issue is the use of agency nurses. These are temporary, contracted positions used to fill in during staff shortages. Continue Reading →

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Black Lives Matters flag opens opportunity for education and discussion, says NHH vice-president

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee at Northumberland Hills Hospital

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The theme for Black History Month in Canada is Ours to Tell. According to the government of Canada’s website, this represents an opportunity to engage in dialogue and commitment to learning more about the stories of Black communities in Canada – the histories, successes, sacrifices, and triumphs. As you will hear in this interview, Northumberland Hills Hospital also borrowed a bit from the American Black History Month, also taking place this February. The theme in the United States is Black resistance. In this interview with Lola Obomighie, the Vice President of People, Culture, and Organizational Effectiveness for Northumberland Hills Hospital, you will hear why the hospital did this and what it means, both to the hospital staff and the community. Continue Reading →

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Hospital board looking to become more diverse and inclusive during recruitment drive

Northumberland Hills Hospital Board 2019

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If you were to look at a group picture of the board of the Northumberland Hills Hospital, some things would stand out. First, you need to remove all the staff and department heads to see the community members. Then, you will notice there are more women than men. You might also notice that there is not a lot of diversity regarding representatives from community members beyond that. If you dig a bit deeper, you might also find there is not a lot of inclusiveness regarding race, economic class, and age. Continue Reading →

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