Hospital scholarship winner shares experiences, goals, and dreams for future in nursing

Northumberland HIlls Hospital

Northumberland Hills Hospital.

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For more than two decades, Northumberland Hills Hospital has handed out scholarships to budding health professionals from the county.

The prize is a $1,500 cheque. It may not seem like a lot. But when you are a student, every penny counts.

Earlier this month, Hospital Board Chair Beth Selby presented the scholarships to two students: Anne Mead and Ella Watson. Anne Mead just completed Trent University’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, and Ella Watson just finished her first year in nursing at Trent. Both have strong ties to Northumberland Hills Hospital: Anne Mead through her clinical placement and Ella Watson through her volunteerism in the Hospital Elder Life Program.

To qualify, applicants must demonstrate academic achievement, participate in extra-curricular activities, provide a testimonial explaining their career goals, and a written reference. That’s no easy task.

In this interview, you will meet Anne Mead, a young woman from Port Hope. Her story will share her challenges and successes. But you will learn more than just her qualifications for the scholarship. She will share a bit about herself, her goals, and her dreams.

Originally aired: June 28, 2024


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