Trent Hills celebrates Pride month as anti-gay, anti-trans movement spreads in Ontario

Trent Hills Pride Pet Parade

Trent Hills Pride is holding a pet parade as one of its new events for Pride celebrations in June.

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The Durham District School Board banned spectators from its next two meetings due to safety concerns earlier this week. Members of the audience were ejected after making homophobic, transphobic, and hateful comments, according to trustees.

It is one of several examples of anti-gay and anti-trans demonstrations across Ontario. Norwich Township and the city of Windsor were also in the news this past week.

It all centres around Pride Month, which starts in June.

In this interview, Emilio Ojeda, chair of Trent Hills Pride, will discuss the upcoming celebrations over two weeks in June. There are many family-friendly events in Campbellford, Warkworth, and Hastings. It is quickly becoming one of the most significant Pride events in Northumberland County.

He will also address the growing movements against Pride Month within his community and elsewhere.

Originally aired: May 26, 2023

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