Farmers cannot ignore mental health as local harvest continues, says Northumberland Federation of Agriculture reps

Farmers harvest

According to representatives from the Northumberland Federation of Agriculture, farmers experienced a great crop this season, but wet weather has meant challenges during the harvest.

The show:

For those who may not realize, farmers face a great deal of uncertainty every day. The changing weather, commodity prices, pests, and diseases are only a few of the pressures. They also rarely get a day off: livestock must be tended, crops planted or harvested or monitored, equipment to fix. The list is long.

It can be a very stressful life. Add to the mix a global pandemic, and it only makes things worse.

Plus, there is a stigma around getting help. For generations, farmers liked to see themselves as fiercely independent.

You are going to hear about some new funding announced recently for farmers. Some of the money is going towards innovation. Another chunk of money is going towards mental health. Here is that story.

Originally aired: Oct. 29, 2021


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