Farmers face new struggles and mental health pressures as spring planting underway

Farm near Campbellford

A farm near Campbellford.

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Farmers are busy preparing to put crops into the grounds. This time around, they have a year of the pandemic under their belts. A lot has changed. Then again, not a lot has changed. The supply chain issues have settled. While dairy farmers are not selling a lot to restaurants, more people buy milk for home. There was a lot of money from the provincial and federal governments to help make adjustments. And, the food processing industry remains a bit unstable. There is a bit less uncertainty. But new issues are arising.

While farming seems a solitary job, in fact, it is not. Farmers see each other at auctions, at church, at the co-op, and a host of other places. The isolation caused by the pandemic and lockdowns has impacted their mental health as much as any other business. There are also new pressures and challenges farmers face going forward.

This interview for Consider This Northumberland focuses on the local agricultural community. There is an interview with members of the Northumberland Federation of Agriculture. It will reflect on the past year and look inside at some of the struggles, successes, and the future of farming in the county.

Originally aired: May 7, 2021

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