Pandemic fatigue and uncertainty are some of the mental health challenges we face, says expert

Jennifer Cox, Integrated Director Mental Health Community Programs and Services

Jennifer Cox, Integrated Director Mental Health Community Programs and Services, speaks to the possibility of a pandemic within the pandemic related to our mental health.

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Statistics Canada reported recently that one in five Canadians has screened positive for symptoms of depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Visits to the emergency room at Northumberland Hills Hospital due to a mental health crisis have jumped 80 percent in the past four months. Last year, more than 36,000 people received treatment in one form or another from the Community Mental Health Service during the pandemic.

The numbers are staggering. Things are expected to get worse as people return to work and children go back to school.

Jennifer Cox, who heads up mental health services for the hospital, will describe exactly what is going on. Certainly, people are much more aware of their mental health. But it is more than that. The isolation, pandemic fatigue, constant change, and uncertainty have played havoc on people’s well-being. She will explain this and more.

Originally aired: August 20, 2021


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