Mental health tips for living through the pandemic from Northumberland Community Counselling Centre


Chris Bailey is the interim executive director for Northumberland Community Counselling Centre.

Stay home. Physical distancing. Isolate yourself. These are the mantras of the COVID-19 pandemic we hear from officials and leaders every day. Yet, for many, especially children and the elderly, the inability to connect with others can be stressful.

Then, there are those who work in essential services. These people go to work every day exposing themselves to the deadly virus. This can create incredible anxiety and strain.

The impact of all this can affect our mental health. I spoke with Chris Bailey recently. She is the interim executive director for the Northumberland Community Counselling Centre. She and her staff continue to provide mental health services in Northumberland. It is affordable and accessible, using remote methods to connect with people seeking assistance.

As we face the anxiety and stress of the pandemic, f ++irst, we need to recognize the pressures we are under.


Bailey said there are things we can do to lower our anxiety and stress levels.


While it is important to stay informed, it is also vital that we do not let ourselves get overexposed, especially to negativity or misinformation online.


The counselling centre continues to serve its existing clients through the pandemic. What is surprising is that there has not been a large number of new people seeking help.


Most of the time anyone can call and leave a message to speak with a person and someone will get back to them within 24 hours. However, the counselling centre is hoping to offer an opportunity for people to speak to a counsellor directly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can check the website for further details.

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