Northumberland climate activists call for big changes to vehicles, farming, and home heating during meeting with MP


Blue Dot Northumberland October 2019

Members of Blue Dot Northumberland standing outside Victoria Hall in Cobourg in October 2019. Photo from Facebook.

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While most of us are fretting about getting a vaccine to stem the pandemic, some people in Northumberland are focusing their attention on other global concerns, like climate change.

This interview with Consider This Northumberland looks at a local initiative on climate change. The group is called Blue Dot Northumberland. It is a chapter of a national movement fighting climate change. Members from this group recently met with Northumberland Peterborough South MP Philip Lawrence. It prepared a report to Lawrence in response to a federal plan called Healthy Environment/Healthy Economy. It is a national plan to create green jobs and an environmentally sustainable economy in the future. It would impact everything from how you heat your home to how farmers do business. You will hear their ideas and recommendations from a Northumberland perspective.

Originally aired: April 2, 2021

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