Port Hope residents urged to participate in climate survey to drive municipality towards change

Port Hope Flooding

In 2017, Port Hope experienced severe shoreline flooding. This took place across Northumberland County as homeowners, businesses and municipalities faced rising water levels.

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It is easy to say there is a climate crisis. It is much harder to fix it. Rising lake levels closed beaches and caused property damage along the shores of Lake Ontario across the county. Flooding along rivers and creeks is more evidence. Then, there are the sweltering, dry summers. Plus, countless studies are pointing to a fast-approaching tipping point where the entire globe will not be able to turn back. With all that said, it gets pretty hard to know what can be done, at least locally.

An advisory committee called the Climate Change Working Group is doing an online survey right now to create a strategic plan for Port Hope and its residents. It is an example of how the town can address a global crisis through local initiatives. This working group’s chair took time this week to sit down and talk about the survey, the plan going forward, and what can be done about climate change. Here is that interview.

Originally aired: April 2, 2021

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