Teachers, children, and parents scrambling to prepare for remote learning after Spring Break, says union rep

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A teacher prepares lessons in a classroom after Spring Break teachers in Ontario will not be returning to the classroom. Ontario Secondary School Teachers\’ Federation District 14 President Erin Leonard addresses the impact of this decision on her members, students, and parents.

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The decision sent teachers, children, and parents scrambling just before the Spring Break as the Ontario government announced it would be returning to remote learning for all students across the province. Since Easter, the spread of COVID-19 is setting records across Ontario and here in Northumberland.

The break was meant to be a time for everyone in the school system to catch their breath. Now, it means teachers must spend their time preparing to deliver lessons online. For parents, it can mean big changes at home and disruption. For the kids, it can mean more interruptions in their learning, losing contact with friends at school, and much more.

In the first segment, I will be talking to the president of the local teachers’ union about the latest move by the government, its impact on students, and its effect on learning. Plus, we will discuss efforts by all teachers’ unions to make their members a priority when it comes to vaccinations.

Originally aired: April 16, 2021

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