Northumberland group nominates Cuban medical team for Nobel Peace Prize, plus help with Canada’s pandemic response

Henry Reeve Brigade

Members of the Henry Reeve Brigade holding a Cuban flag. This organization of more than 8,000 medical professionals has served in 22 countries using its expertise in pandemic and emergency medicine. The Northumberland chapter of the Council of Canadians nominated it for a Nobel Peace Prize.

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Fifteen years ago, after Hurricane Michelle devastated Cuba, the government realized it needed to train emergency medical teams to deal with natural disasters. It figured this was not the last time severe weather or natural disasters would strike the island nation. Known and the Henry Reeve Brigade, it is a team of 8,000 medical professionals who are specially trained in dealing with disasters and epidemics. It has been deployed in 22 countries around the world since it began. It responded to hurricanes in Guatemala, floods in Bolivia, and an earthquake in China, among countless others catastrophes.

The local chapter of the Council of Canadians has nominated this medical team for a Nobel Peace Prize. In this interview with Consider This Northumberland, you will learn more about the Council of Canadians, the medical team’s work, and how the Canadian government turned down a chance to let Henry Reeve Brigade help with its pandemic response.

Originally aired: April 16, 2021

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