Organizational review looks to improve services, prepare for future, says CAO

Environmental Services Team for Cobourg

Members of the Environmental Services Team for Cobourg. Town staff was a significant focus of an organizational review recently approved by the council.

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In January, the Ontario government announced it was spending $40 million to help small and rural municipalities improve the delivery of critical programs and services. It is part of a more significant effort to create a more efficient municipal government and save taxpayers money.

Every municipality in Northumberland is tasked with reviewing how it works and serves the public.

Making the town hall run smoothly is a huge task. As you are about to hear, it is one job Cobourg CAO Tracey Vaughan takes on with enthusiasm. A recent report to the council paves the way for some significant changes. She is charged with taking the recommendations and putting them into practice. The report calls for hiring more staff, up to 13 new people. It suggests streamlining some departments but also shoring up some others. The report could be a blueprint for any municipality in Northumberland. Tracey Vaughan will walk us through these changes and explain how all this is going to impact taxes and make a difference in the lives of all residents. Here is that interview.

Originally aired: Nov. 26, 2021

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