Time to sort yourself out around recycling, Phase 2 kicking in


Demonstrating the Recycling Right program, a resident is placing the proper materials in the correct blue and grey bins. Starting Nov. 29, phase 2 of the program kicks in. (Northumberland County photo)


The full interview with bonus material:

Putting out garbage can be so frustrating. You go to put out the waste and you don’t have a bag tag. Or, you are lying in bed and suddenly the sound of the screeching brakes from the garbage truck snap you out of a deep sleep. You frantically rush to get stuff out to the curb. The entire time you are cursing under your breath that the truck came by at 10 in the morning last week. Then, there are egg cartons – food containers or paper products? Blue or grey box? (just so you know, it goes in the grey box)

After a number of delays, the Recycle Right program is about to go into full swing. We got our blue and grey boxes a year ago, giving us time to practice. Meanwhile, the county’s waste contractor was getting a new set of trucks to handle all the sorting starting Monday. What does that mean for you? Here is Adam McCue, the guy in charge of the recycling program to explain.

Originally aired: Nov. 27, 2020

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