Northumberland County offers lifeboat to those drowning in an ocean of viruses, scams and disinformation



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We all get them. Those emails from the bank that tells us there is a problem with our account. Or maybe it is the email from a business telling us we won a fabulous prize. All we need to do is click on the link to claim it.

In our excitement, we quickly glance at the logo and the information. Then, we click. Within the blink of any eye, a virus is unleashed. And, the computer is a mess. Or worse, we share personal banking information and our account is emptied.

There is a tsunami of information coming at us each day. We drown in it. It is so hard to process all of it. From a simple email to the disinformation on social media,  we must constantly be on our toes. And, it is not just those who are elderly who are victims. Many of us thoughtlessly like and share information barely taking a moment to think. It is one of the reasons disinformation becomes so widely spread.

The staff at Northumberland County are hoping to help people become more adept at dealing with the pitfalls of the online world. Through its Digital Literacy Program, the county is offering multiple online sessions for free. These cover timely topics like dealing with viruses and scams through to spotting disinformation. I will be talking to the person in charge of the programs about all the details.

Here is my interview with Tony Paulic, IT director for Northumberland County, and the person responsible for the Digital Literacy program. He will be talking about these free courses to help us avoid some of the challenges on the Internet.

Originally aired: Nov. 6 2020

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