Local small business preparing for Christmas shopping season, says councillor

Adam Bureau, Cobourg town councillor

Cobourg Councillor Adam Bureau


The full interview with bonus material:

I don’t know about your neighbourhood, but where I live there are lots of Christmas decorations going up. On my social media, friends are posting pictures of decked-out trees already. If you go to the stores, the Christmas sections are looking pretty decimated. People seem really keen to get ready for the holidays. That is no surprise. As we move through this second wave of the pandemic, having something to brighten up our lives seems like a good idea.

While some of us are preparing for Christmas, the next six weeks is absolutely critical for many local retailers. Traditionally, it is the time of year when many are trying to make the money that will carry them through the slower winter months. Without those profits, it could spell disaster. The uncertainty caused by the pandemic just makes it even harder.

In this interview with Consider This, I am talking to the town councillor who sits on the downtown business association. Adam Bureau will discuss these challenges and more. While there are many forecasts about retailing trends this Christmas, he will try to give a picture of the reality many local small retailers are facing. By the way, it is not all bad news.

Originally aired: Nov. 27, 2020

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