Survivor night honours first responders and those they saved with heartfelt stories

Survivor Night

Paramedic Michael Stumpf, Paramedic Matt Rollwagen, Survivor Michael Tarrington, Paramedic Marcelle Read, Paramedic Bryan Brockbank. (Not pictured but part of the crew who responded to this emergency: CACC dispatcher Christopher Roscoe and CACC dispatcher Shelley Harrison)Paramedics Michael Stumpf and Bryan Brockbank are representatives of the Honour Guard in this photo and not part of the first responder crew who attended this emergency. Submitted by Northumberland County.

The show:

The full interview with bonus material:

Seeing an ambulance travelling the roads across Northumberland County is not unusual. Paramedics attend about 23,000 calls a year. But have you ever wondered about the person inside? What has happened? How serious is it? Will they survive?

In this interview, you will hear some answers to those questions. Last week, first responders and the people they saved came together for a special evening called Survivor Night. Fifty-one people, including paramedics, dispatchers, firefighters, and the people they saved and their families, met to recognize the life-saving work.

You are going to hear from Matthew Rollwagen, one of the paramedics. He will share a story about one cardiac patient whose life was saved. And he will tell us what it was like to meet him once again now that he has recovered.

Originally aired: October 28, 2022

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