Canada Cares seeks nominations in Northumberland and across Canada for caregiver awards

Canada Cares elderly woman in wheelchair
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Nearly half the population of Northumberland County are seniors. That means there are a lot of organizations and people dedicated to caring for the elderly. Whether it is Northumberland Community Care, Ed’s Hospice, or Meals on Wheels, numerous groups help. Then, there are the family members – spouses, sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters.

Now, take another moment and think about all who look after those with physical and mental challenges. These people are faced with the massive task of caring for those individuals. They do it in the hopes of giving them a quality of life they would not otherwise receive.

This is a lot of people. In fact, one in four Canadians is a caregiver.

This interview is about an annual award recognizing these people. It is called Canada Cares. And it is based in Northumberland County. You will hear about this award. It honours hardworking individuals and groups who dedicate themselves to caring for seniors and those with physical and mental challenges.

Originally aired: November 4, 2022

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