Future of historic military plaque awaits resolution

A proud symbol of Cobourg’s military history hangs in limbo as bureaucrats and politicians try to sort out what should be done with the plaque for the old Canadian Forces Ordinance depot on D’Arcy Street.

2 thoughts on “Future of historic military plaque awaits resolution

  1. I was there the day Quigley Construction (Mr. Quigley and 2 of his sons) formed and poured the concrete placing this plaque.

    It would be sad to see it go.

  2. Just found this item today. It’s unsettling to think that the Town thinks so little of our military history that they declined the opportunity to showcase the plaque at the CCC. Where were the Historical Society and Heritage Committee when this poor decision was made?

    To suggest the plaque doesn’t fit with the design of the CCC is laughable considering the CCC looks quite a bit like the old ordinance buildings did. Sadly, without the huge sign announcing itself, the CCC looks like another factory building like most of the others in the industrial park.

    I sincerely hope the Legion can find a place on their property to showcase it, and would hope the Town will pay for the move. After their shameful lapse of judgment it’s the least they can do.

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