Detailed report helps volleyball tournament go ahead

By Robert Washburn

A few changes made the difference as the Ontario Beach Volleyball tournaments won approval at Cobourg council Monday night to hold its events this summer at Cobourg beach.
The tournaments, which run on the weekends of June 18, June 25 and July 16, were held up last week when Councillor Donna Todd was unhappy with the details provided in a report by tourism events coordinator Lara Scott.
Todd wanted to know the financial impact on the town, as well as have the organizers address concerns around sound from the event bothering nearby residents.
Scott’s first report written on April 26 stated: “An event tracking system is in place for each event and a post event evaluation will be completed.”
However, by the time council met on Monday night, a revised report was submitted by Scott on May 12, this time with more detail.
“An event tracking system is in place for each event and a post event evaluation will be completed. This is the first year that the OVA have gone through the municipal application process. There are no costs to the parks department or the municipality for the three event weekends. The Ontario Beach Volleyball Association pays for its own set-up and tear down of nets and tents, book their own security and clean up after the event. No parking passes are being distributed to this organization in 2011,” the new report stated.
Scott said the annual event previously did not go through such a vigorous process and more details were needed. The town created a Community Events Committee consisting of representatives from the town, tourism, the police and others. There are no members from the public. It reviews all events to measure the impact, she said.
“It is done with no cost to the community,” she said.
Organizers charge $80 per team to enter and the money is used for all the services, including set up, tear down, administration. Even the garbage is removed by the group, Scott said.
Councillor Miriam Mutton was one of the politicians who raised concerns about noise.
Scott said it is a simple fix, since it is only a matter of turning speakers towards the water and not towards the town. Besides, there is a noise bylaw that can be enforced, she added.

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