Former Cobourg Mayor Angus Read died Thursday

One of the best mayor in Cobourg’s history died last Thursday.

There are few details about the passing of Angus Read. His funeral arrangement are incomplete at this time, but more information can be found here.

Read’s contributions to the town included the formation of the committee system of co-ordinators, which he used to make politicians more responsible for individual portfolios. He was also a huge proponent of economic development, moving the industrial park in the east end forward and attracting new business to the town.

His military background meant he was a no-nonsense person and disliked disarray or disorganization. he ran a tight ship. His meetings were highly focused and debate was kept to a minimum. He demanded loyalist and it often upset him when some councillors would speak out on issues or disagreed with him publicly. But, he was not publicly malicious or did not say mean things about others, despite what criticisms were leveled at him.

Read was a well-read person and often was thinking about issues long before these hit the mainstream consciousness. Meeting him on the street was like getting a lesson. He was always full of interesting information and willing to share ideas.

He will be missed.

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