County protects beautiful, natural landscapes in face population growth, says planner

Dwayne Campbell planner

In this interview, Dwayne Campbell, manager of planning and inspection services with Northumberland County, balances future population growth with preserving natural heritage.

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Take a drive anywhere in Northumberland County, and you are sure to come upon a beautiful landscape. We all know the rolling hills, beautiful forests, lakes, and streams.

Already the pressure is on. Within the next 30 years or sooner, Northumberland County could grow to 122,000 people. Right now, there are about 85,000. Those numbers could be surpassed much sooner as more people move to the area in record numbers. It is one of the reasons housing prices are through the roof.

What is going to happen to that beautiful countryside?

One person at the forefront of this is Dwayne Campbell. He is the manager of planning for the county. He is going to tell us what is going to be done. He just submitted a plan to county politicians to protect all the natural features while dealing with all the growth.

Originally aired: Dec. 10, 2021

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