County’s Faster Forward Summit Program aims to assist larger local businesses to grow

Northumberland County Economic Development Manager Rob Day

Northumberland County Economic Development Manager Rob Day

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Millions of dollars are being spent by the provincial and federal governments to keep small and medium-sized businesses afloat during the pandemic. For larger enterprises, support to sustain them or even help them grow has not always been available.

The people behind economic development for Northumberland County launched a new imitative recently to address this gap. It is called the Faster Forward Summit Program. As you will hear, it is aimed at bigger businesses – those with more than $250,000 in revenue annually. The program provides unique services and supports to help these companies develop. It hopes to make them more sustainable, retain jobs and contribute more to the local economy. These are not the usual businesses we tend to think about when we imagine the county’s economy. Most people tend to focus on small retail and service businesses, not the bigger ones that may also need some guidance. You will hear about the unusual challenges and successes they experience.

Originally aired: May 15, 2021


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