New seniors program aims to help elderly navigate local healthcare system and other supports

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Seniors will be paired with volunteers to get help navigating the local health care system and other supports in a new, innovative program offered by the Ontario Health Team Northumberland.

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For some seniors, the health care system is a bit overwhelming. Sure, there is your doctor. But, then, there are all the specialists – some are local and others you need to go to Oshawa or Peterborough or even Toronto. Then, there are the others – depending on your illness. The foot doctor. The dietician. The eye guy. And so on. And, how do you get to all these appointments? And, can you afford it all? Plus, what about socializing or getting out just to go for a walk or getting to your place of worship. It can get pretty complicated. A new program being launched by the Ontario Health Team Northumberland hopes to make navigating the system more accessible. And it is looking for volunteers to help out. Here is that story.

Originally aired: Oct. 15, 2021

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