Horizons of Friendship working to alleviate dire crisis caused by pandemic in Central America

Horizons of Friendship

Guatemala Indigenous midwives Nazaria Ajanel and Angela Perez watch Dr. Paul Caldwell during a visit to Canada facilitated by Horizons of Friendship in 2017. Guatemala is one of the hardest-hit regions by the pandemic in Central America.

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Three-quarters of the people living in Central America are not fully vaccinated. In Guatemala, it is barely five percent of the population. Many experts and organizations are calling it a crisis.

In this interview, you will hear from Patricia Rebolledo, the executive director of Horizons of Friendship, describe the situation. Horizons is a Cobourg-based organization that has worked in Mexico and Central America for nearly 50 years. You will hear her paint a picture of what it is like and the challenges ahead.

Originally aired: Oct. 15, 2021

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