Staff and residents at Northumberland group homes resilient one year after pandemic begins


Access Community Services runs as a not-for-profit organization since 1978, operating eight homes and a range of programs in a welcoming environment for individuals, families, and friends. Photo courtesy of Access Community Services.

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It was one year ago this week when the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic. Our lives were dramatically changed. Since then, 118 million people have contracted COVID-19. In Canada, close to 900,000 cases have been reported to date, with 22,000 related deaths.

In an interview with Consider This, you will hear voices rarely heard or almost forgotten during the pandemic.

You will hear from some people who work in group homes across the county. In an interview with managers from Access Community Services, they will tell us how staff and residents in group homes have coped with the pandemic. While long-term care homes have dominated our thoughts as they faced serious outbreaks and deaths, these local services have not. You will learn how staff and residents in these group homes have taken on the challenges. And, you will hear about their fight to get staff and residents inoculated at the same time as other essential workers like doctors, nurses, personal support workers, and those living in long-term care.

Originally aired: March 12, 2021

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