Sharing experiences from the frontlines of treating COVID-19 in Northumberland

Dr. Mukesh Bhargava

Dr. Mukesh Bhargava, chief of staff at Northumberland Hills Hospital, talks about his experiences on the frontlines treating patients with COVID-19. Photo courtesy of Northumberland Hills Hospital.

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Most of us are working hard to avoid the COVID-19 virus. We wear masks, wash our hands multiple times a day. We social distance. We stay home, following the guidelines and recommendations of health officials. But what is it like for those who treat the sick? Those who work every day with people who have the virus. What do they see? Their perspective of the pandemic is very different than anyone else. Dr. Mukesh Bhargava is the chief of staff at Northumberland Hills Hospital. He generously took the time to share his observations and feelings about helping those fighting this brutal disease.

Originally aired: March 19, 2021


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