Brighton residents express multiple concerns about a proposed development in Gosport

Gosport flood

In 2017, Gosport was one area along Lake Ontario that was hit hard during the spring floods. Residents expressed concern over potential flooding if a proposed development is approved by Brighton council.

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A proposal to develop a 32-unit condominium in Gosport, which is part of Brighton, has many residents worried. It also has the mayor and councillors concerned.

The location is next to a provincially protected wetland close to the shores of Lake Ontario. The developer, JRB Williams Enterprises, wants to build on lands next to it zoned for residential.

Residents packed the community center at a public meeting on January 16 to make their concerns known. There were multiple presentations raising issues from endangered species to the impact on roads. There were also concerns about an archeological discovery of items dating back to 600 AD belonging to Indigenous people.

The speakers were not just neighbours but a cross-section of people from Brighton.

If that is not significant enough, this proposal is a test case. Also impacting the development is new provincial legislation introduced late in 2022 to streamline the development process. This is one of the first test cases in Northumberland.

In this interview, you will hear from some residents about this development as they walk through the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.

Originally aired: January 27, 2023

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