The tough part of Movember’s journey

By Robert Washburn

The worst part of any journey is the middle. It is the time when the original enthusiasm associated with the outset of an adventure is gone and the relief of finally arriving is not there.

Yup, it is the drudgery, the boring part where the expectations are meeting reality.

With week three of Movember under the belt, the outline of the moustache is easily seen from a distance, not just up close. There is enough length to feel a bit prickly. And, the acreage beneath the nose is filled. Now, it needs bulk. It must grow more to get the fullness and shape. Thankfully, the feeling of nakedness so apparent when this all started is gone.

It is also the time when raising money is starting to grind away. All the nice people who give money and are very supportive have donated. Now, the badgering starts. How many times should one ask before becoming annoying to friends and family? Who has not been tapped? Is it time to let it all go for this year?

Next week is the final full week. The first-year students are getting posters up about a Movember contest being run by QNet News, the college news website. There are still some stories to be written. Also, the community engagement stuff is dragging along. The whole idea behind Movember in the newsroom was to encourage young journalists to use social media to engage their audience and learn about prostate cancer. For a generation married to social media and sharing every detail of their lives, suddenly they have gone silent. This is probably due to the sheer workload at school and many of them are sick. Let’s hope.

But, like all journeys, now is the time to dig down deep and press on. Time to show some true grit. Next week is a fresh start and hope springs eternal. Besides, there is nothing I know of that can make my moustache grow any faster. And, there is little I can do to force any of the kids to get more involved. It is a volunteer project. Plus, they are students.

Like so many things, it will be what it will be. Ah, the Zen of Movember.

Oh ya, and please donate.

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