Prostate cancer is not just an old man’s disease

By Robert Washburn

The moustaches grown by the Loyalist Mo-crew, meaning all the male journalism students is coming along very nicely.

There are a few struggling to muster some facial hair, but it is really cool to see their attitude. Despite the lack of growth, they are happy to be part of the Movember movement.

The number of young Canadians being diagnosed with cancer is increasing slightly, according to the Canadian Cancer Society. One of the areas where the increase is being felt most is testicular cancer, a type of cancer affecting young men.

Prostate cancer occurs mainly in men over 65, there are cases of young men contracting the disease.  Some studies show the type of prostate cancer in young men is actually different from the prostate cancer found in much older men.

The symptoms for young men with prostate cancer are a bit different. Changes in the size of lymph nodes in the groin are one sign. Unexplained weight loss is another concern. If someone loses more than 10 per cent body weight in a matter of weeks, it could be a sign.

Any discomfort with urinating is another major sign. Difficulty starting or stopping increased frequency, pain and so on, are all reasons to get to a doctor for further analysis.

It is great to see all the involvement by the young men in the class. Better still would be to see them become more aware of the disease and how it may affect them.

The struggle to grow my own moustache continues, so please take a moment to donate.

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