Feeling naked for a good cause, Movember

By Robert Washburn

Today I removed all my facial hair. Moustache gone. Beard gone.
My face has not been hairless since I was 18-years old. I have sported a moustache, grown goatees and had a full beard for most of my life.
Now, it is gone.
The reason is November is Movember, an international movement to raise funds and awareness about prostate cancer. It will afflict one in seven men. There will be 25,500 men diagnosed this year in Canada. Detected early, it can be cured.
Well, I signed up today. First, I did it because my Grandfather, Duncan Scott, had prostate cancer when he died. It was not the sole reasons he passed, but it was significant. Second, my students inspired me. About 15 of them decided to form a group, Loyalist Mo-Crew, and they are growing a moustache to raise money. I was excited to join them.
This is a great learning opportunity for the student around community building and engagement. It is our goal to reach out to others in the Loyalist College community who are doing this. Hopefully, they will join us or at least allow us to share their efforts with the rest of the college. And, the students will write articles about prostate cancer, as well as blog and use other social media, recording their experiences and thoughts. Ideally, this will generate a conversation amongst the young journalists and their audience.
So, this morning I left home with a full growth and a kit in my backpack with razor and cream. When I got to school, my colleague, Joe Callahan, generously took a few moments to snap some pictures and record some video. The results are posted to my Facebook page.
I registered on the official Movember website and got my profile done. Offered a few comments and left it for the day.
My wife has never seen me without facial hair. She was not keen, but supported my efforts because it is for a good cause. My 15-year old daughter is traumatized. She did not want to look at me when I got home. Eventually, she warmed up.
Frankly, it unsettled me more than I expected. Without the beard, my resemblance to my Dad is striking. He never had facial hair. Ever. I also found a picture of my Grandfather and Grandmother Washburn. I also see the hereditary resemblances, something not so obvious with I have a full-growth on my face. So, that is cool.
It is going to be tough just growing a moustache first. Then, in December, the beard will be grown back, too. Until then, I am going to see a different me.
If you wish to donate, please go here.

One thought on “Feeling naked for a good cause, Movember

  1. I can relate to how your wife and daughter felt. My husband had a goatee when I met him, and hadn’t shaved it off since… well about 7 years ago I believe. When he did Movember last year, it was a shock to see his face naked. Very different!! But I did get used to it and was happy once his mo grew in. 😉

    Good luck! I can’t wait to see what you grow – any specific design in mind?

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