Police review underway as politicians and residents grapple left to grapple with future

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The OPP currently provides police services in the rural areas of Northumberland County, including Brighton. A review is taking place regarding future policing services.

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You will want to listen to today’s show if you care about your municipal taxes.

The cost of policing is one of the largest expenses for municipalities in Northumberland County. It is one of the main drivers, but not the only one, behind a review underway at the county council. Meanwhile, the Cobourg council is facing a tough decision regarding a police station. Port Hope budgets are under strain, plus it has a mixed service for Ward 1 and 2. Hamilton Township is contracting Cobourg police for its bylaw enforcement in the summertime.

Northumberland County Warden Brian Ostrander will provide insight into the police review. He will outline the various options and issues as consultants begin to determine the possibilities. As you listen, keep in mind that once a decision is made, going back may not be feasible.

The critical question is: What level of service will residents support?

Originally aired: May 3, 2024

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