Norlock clears air after press seeks answers

Kudos to Valerie MacDonald, reporter for Northumberland Today, for pressing Northumberland-Quinte West MP Rick Norlock on clarifying the research and survey company he used during the federal election last May in a story published today.

Norlock is in the crossfire following revelations surrounding the use of automated calling companies by federal political parties. Consider This started digging into claims by Norlock recently in the local and national newspapers, claiming he did not use any of the firms under suspicion.

Well, Norlock made it clear he used Holinshed Research, an Ottawa-based company. He said it has been either sold or closed. He refers to the Election Canada returns, where Consider This first found them.

What is also good is Norlock has admitted he used Front Porch Strategies for a town hall meeting held before the election call. While not an election expense, the Toronto Star story alleges Front Porch engaged in a smear campaign against Liberal leader Mike Ignatieff. Nobody has come forward in Northumberland to make similar claims and MacDonald’s story does not address this aspect.

Northumberland Today also corrected a quote where it suggested Norlock did use RMG, one of the firms under investigation by Elections Canada for irregularities, known as the robo-calls scandal.

It is good to see the local press making sure voters are clear and the record is set straight.

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