Norlock faces test over expropriation of historic farm near CFB Trenton

A family farmer is trying to hold out against the federal government’s desire to expropriate his family’s historic farmland in order to expand CFB Trenton Air Base. But the battle may be over very soon.

The plans to move the secretive special ops unit JTF-2 to Trenton were announced just before the 2006 federal election by our own MP Rick Norlock as part of a larger restructuring and also to help win votes in Quinte.

But, the move involved purchasing additional lands adjacent to the base. This included a 200-year old family farm owned by the Meyers family.

Well, it seems Norlock and his government are going to take some dramatic steps over the next few weeks, according to local papers.

While government officials argue the expropriation may be painful for the family, it is for the greater good. There are an estimated 700 civilian jobs and hundreds of military personnel that would accompany the expansion.

Well, it is good to see the federal government once again displaying its overwhelming lack of compassion is a hallmark of this government. This kind of behaviour is reminiscent of China’s approach to development (if you have people, villages, towns in the way, bulldoze ’em down).

What’s next? Yank down Barnum House for a convenience store. How about replacing Victoria Hall with a Lowe’s big box? Rip apart Port Hope’s downtown for a mall.

Residents in Northumberland should be watching this very carefully to see if Norlock is just another flunky in the backbenches or fighting for his constituents. His actions in this matter will demonstrate where his loyalty lies.

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