Community Counselling Resource Centre continues mental health services in Northumberland.

Community Counselling Resource Centre

Community Counselling Resource Centre in Peterborough continues to provide mental health services in Northumberland.

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When it comes to mental health services in Northumberland, there are several options. These can range from private psychologists and psychiatrists to walk-in clinics and helplines.

Kristen Armbrust

Kristen Armbrust, executive director of Community Counselling Resource Centre.

More than a year ago, Northumberland Community Counselling Centre shut its doors. It offered programs that served nearly 1,000 people annually; many were free or at a low cost. Some of those services were transferred to other agencies. But a gap still existed. That is when the Community Counselling Resource Centre in Peterborough stepped up, offering in-person and remote counselling on the same basis.

Kirsten Armbrust, the executive director, will give us an update and a glimpse of what her organization is planning for the upcoming year. Also, Susan Somogyi Wells, Chief Executive Officer for Family Services Ontario, will give a broader picture of these services and the gaps many communities, like Northumberland, face across the province.

Originally aired: May 19, 2023

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