Proposed changes to short-term rentals in Alnwick-Haldimand coming to council


A short-term rental for Rice Lake is advertised on a website.

The story:

The future of short-term rentals in Alnwick-Haldimand Township is about to come to a head over the next few weeks.

A coalition of short-term rental operators and the local business association have teamed up to fight proposed changes to a bylaw controlling short-term rentals. They argue the changes will further limit short-term rentals and continue to burden operators.

Meanwhile, supporters of the bylaw welcome the restrictions limiting the places where short-term rentals can be located, plus other tweaks. The township has received complaints from neighbours of some short-term rentals regarding noise and parking violations.

Nicole Sterling, a short-term rental operator in the township, said this does not represent the 50 or so operators.

“So we need to deal with the bad apples. We need to find a way to deal with them so that all the good ones can function and continue with what we’re doing.”

The proposed changes are expected to go before council and the public for the first reading at a public meeting on May 23.

To hear the full interview with the coalition opposing the bylaw, tune into  Consider This Northumberland on Friday at noon.

I’m Robert Washburn reporting for Northumberland 89.7 FM.

Clarification: The original story indicated the first reading of the bylaw changes would take place at a council meeting on Tuesday, May 17, in Roseneath. There was an item that was of interest to short-term rental operators and supporters. But it was the bylaw changes.  We regret any confusion.

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