Peterborough group offer affordable mental health services for Northumberland starting next week


Next week, the Community Counselling Resource Centre in Peterborough opens a satellite office in Northumberland County. It will provide services to people who cannot afford other services.

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There is always a need for more mental health services in Northumberland. Talk to anyone providing those services, and they will tell you: we are doing a great job, but it would be better if we could expand to meet the actual need.

Last year, the Northumberland Community Counselling Centre closed its doors. It left about 1,000 people without mental health services. Some of its programs involved helping women facing violence, and there was a child witness program. It helped kids who had to appear in court. These were funded through the provincial government.

To keep the NCCC open, a proposal was put together. It suggested the local service join with Peterborough. When it came time to announce the funding from the provincial government, the proposal was rejected. Instead, Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre and Northumberland Hills Hospital Mental Health Services got the funding.

Starting next week, the Community Counselling and Resource Centre in Peterborough will offer affordable services four days a week. Kirsten Armbrust, executive director of Community Counselling Resource Centre in Peterborough, will explain what all that means. Here is that interview.

Originally aired: April 22, 2022

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