Parents get a break as province announces $10 per day childcare, says county manager


A joint agreement between Ontario and the federal government will lower daycare costs to an average of $10/day.

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The province recently announced a deal with the federal government to provide $10-a-day childcare for kids under five. For parents in Northumberland, this is welcome news. Families pay about $45/day on average in the county. That is a significant saving.

It sounds like great news. But it is not that simple. On today’s show, Lesley Patterson, manager of the Early Year program for Northumberland County, will walk us through the complexity of daycare.  She will explain how the rates will drop gradually over three years. She will also explain how daycare centres can opt-in or opt-out of the program. More importantly, she will describe the myriad of choices parents face, from licensed daycare to informal caregivers. As I said, it is complicated. But after this interview, it should be clearer.

Originally aired: April 22, 2022

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