Clearing the smoke about e-cigs, along with a new cancer peer support group in Northumberland

Taking care of oneself is critical to good health. Today, I have two guests talking about some serious health-related issues. My first guest will be talking about vaping, which has made headlines recently across North America — as of yesterday, USA Today reported the number of vaping illnesses surged to 1,299 cases, and the death toll sits at 26. In September, Ontario health officials were watching three cases possibly related to vaping. And, the Health Minister, Christine Elliot, has called for a review of the situation related to vaping, calling for more data and input from experts before announcing any action.

My second guest will be talking about an equally weighty topic, cancer. A new support group has launched in Northumberland County, and I am so pleased to have the founder, cancer survivor, to tell us more.

E-cigarettes are nothing new. According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, e-cigarettes were first introduced in Canada around 2004. But, it was not until 2018 that the federal government began regulating vaping products with nicotine under the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act or the TVPA, as some like to say. Vaping and e-cigarettes can be a confusing subject because for many years it was not regulated and the science around it, like so many things, is not clear or easy to understand. We are fortunate today to have in the studio Maria Papaioannoy, the owner of the E-cig Flavourium and a well-known advocate for vaping and e-cigarettes.

When we are ill, we are at our most vulnerable. The more serious the illness, the harder it can be to overcome feelings of isolation and despair, leaving us feeling alone and afraid. My guest know this first hand, as he has survived his own battle with cancer. But from his experience, he has created a group called Cancer Connex, which offers peer support in a group setting to those dealing with the disease, as well as family or caregivers, so they can share their personal struggles and common problems. The groups meets on the first Monday of every month at Trinity United Church in Cobourg. I am so pleased to have in the studio with me the founder of Cancer Connex, Rod Chicorli.

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