Pre-election analysis of the national and local campaigns with politico Ben Burd

Pundits are the modern version of an ancient shaman. They rhetorically dance around rattling on in a language all their own in an effort to see predict the future. Ben Burd certainly qualifies as a local pundit. He is a former municipal councillor and candidate for the NDP in Northumberland at both the provincial and federal levels. He is also the person behind one of the first local blogs in the county, The Burd Report, which he wrote for more than 20 years. He parses through the campaigns discussing the national race and its impact on the local race. It is insightful, as well as challenging. And, we don’t always agree.


Originally aired: Oct. 18, 2019

(The quality of the recording is a bit off due to a fan in the background. Terribly sorry…)

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