PPC candidate dives deep into party’s policy around racism, environment, free speech and more

For candidates running for the People’s Party of Canada, the CBC news story published yesterday surely drew a reaction from both supporters and detractors. A People’s Party of Canada candidate in Saskatoon is coming under fire for sharing a cartoon photo on Twitter that depicts NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh wearing a turban with a bomb on it. The candidate said he did not realize it was a bomb, saying it appeared to look like a toque. However, the executive director for the Canadian Anti-Hate Network said the cartoon is racist. The network is monitoring all candidates from all parties during the federal election.

Well, today’s guest will hopefully shine some light on this and other issues related to the People’s Party of Canada. In the studio with me to discuss his campaign and his party’s platform is Frank Vaughan.

Originally aired: October 4, 2019

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