Boulevard Gardens in Cobourg

The Burd Report started posting pictures of violations of the boulevard maintenance and protection bylaw, following a series of stories about Councillor Miriam Mutton’s run in with the town over her managed meadow. Why should it have all the fun? Here is a gallery of photos of various boulevard gardens throughout Cobourg. Some are lovely and others are not. This is not an indictment of any garden. Some are in violation of the bylaw, while others are not. But, we are not experts.

This bylaw, like others, is problematic because it is enforced on a complaint basis. This means the town does not need a bylaw enforcement officer going around measuring the height of gardens. However, some person could have the neighbour from hell, who might file multiple complaints, like the person in Scarborough.

During the tour, examples were found throughout the town, but mainly in the area east of Division Street until Darcy Street.

What do you think? Do you know of other boulevard gardens? Let us know via email and send us pictures with the street name.

Update: More photos added on July 24.

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2 thoughts on “Boulevard Gardens in Cobourg

  1. Looking at this fine gallery of boulevard foliage it is difficult to see the campaign against Councillor Mutton’s greenery as anything but the act of a bully, or bullies. Can’t help but wonder if the whole drama wasn’t designed for that purpose entirely.

    Surely our town managers, elected and otherwise, have more important work to do than this. It’s difficult to see a happy ending emerging at this point. Repeal of the stupid bylaw would be a start.

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