The results of my reporting at Northumberland Today

The two weeks helping out at Northumberland Today resulted in the following stories (not all got posted):

2011 derailment shone light on areas needing improvement: NORTHUMBERLAND – In the face of the recent Lac-Megantic train derailment in Quebec, officials in Northumberland County say they are prepared to handle rail disasters and emergency evacuations if necessary.

Animal Control responsible for more than cats and dogs, Council hears: COBOURG – A dying squirrel and an injured duck created a tempest over the jurisdiction of the Animal Control officer at Cobourg Council Monday night.

Mutton sends letter to council: While a Cobourg councillor is trying to get answers about the future of her boulevard garden, the Town cut her plants Tuesday morning.

A letter from Councillor Miriam Mutton regarding the boulevard garden in front of her George Street home created a minor stir Monday night at the regular Council meeting.

Council destroying harboour’s west headland – naturalists: COBOURG – A group of angry naturalists chastised town Council for destroying the west headland of Cobourg harbour in a letter to Council Monday night, but the director of public works said there is no reason for concern.

Developers should follow zoning requirements, Todd says: COBOURG – A developer got a tongue-lashing from Councillor Donna Todd over his request for a minor variance during a public meeting at Cobourg Council July 8 as she raged over the precedent being set.

Growing a food charter in Northumberland: NORTHUMBERLAND – If every household in Northumberland County spent $10 per week on locally produced food, it would put an additional $16.4 million into the local economy each year, according to the head of a food advocacy group.

Mutton gets second notice to cut down boulevard garden: COBOURG – Councillor Miriam Mutton says a second notification from the Town Wednesday to cut down a boulevard garden in front of her home has her feeling hassled.

Mutton vows to pursue managed meadow issue: COBOURG – Councillor Miriam Mutton should step down from her position as co-ordinator of public works to prevent any perception of undue influence until the dispute over Town staff’s cutting of her boulevard garden is resolved, an expert in municipal governance said Monday.

Angels hit it out of the ball park: COBOURG – The Cobourg Angels women’s softball association hit one out of the park recently at Cobourg council as politicians reversed an early decision to deny them funding to help the team to host upcoming major provincial championship tournament.

New bylaw regulates donation bins: A new bylaw to control donations bins in Cobourg is a welcome piece of legislation, says a spokesperson for the Canadian Diabetes Association Thursday.

Town urged to rethink bottled water ban: COBOURG – Bottled water industry representatives took aim this week at a campaign to remove bottled water from municipal facilities.

Blogger shares firsthand experience from Egypt: As tensions grow in Egypt following the overthrow of President Mohammed Morsi, clashes between the Islamist supporters of the former president and those supporting the military’s take over of the government.

Government staff cutbacks back on track, Norlock says: NORTHUMBERLAND – Reports of a 14% increase in the number of federal public employees over the past six years are a bit misleading, despite the efforts of critics to jump on them, says the local MP.

Dog owners hope to work with GRCA on leash-free park: COBOURG – A group of dog owners hoping to preserve James Cockburn Park as a dog-friendly place decided at a meeting Wednesday night to work with town officials and the conservation authority over the next few weeks.

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