Advocating for homeless and affordable housing priority, not politics, says Beatty

Nicole Beatty councillor

Councillor Nicole Beatty gave her reaction to a special council meeting on July 4 dealing with the homeless crisis.

The interview:

Cobourg Councillor Nicole Beatty is pushing hard to get the issue of homelessness addressed in the community. At a special meeting dedicated to the homeless crisis on July 4, Beatty was vocal, looking to expedite action.

First, there was the staff report on encampments. The council unanimously decided to keep the status quo with a few minor changes.

Next, there was Beatty’s initiative. It was a motion to go before the Northumberland County council to seek what could be done immediately. She won support for this plan.

This interview is her reaction the day after the special meeting. It is also before a presentation before the county’s Social Services Committee. It gives her perspective on the outcomes and her thoughts and feelings going forward.

Portions of the interview were used for a newscast earlier in the week. The full interview provides more information and context.

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