Open letter calls on county residents to share ideas around solving homeless crisis

Transition House is located at 10 Chapel Street in Cobourg and provides a 24-hour emergency shelter for homeless people in Northumberland County. The county reports that 78 people are homeless. There could be more, say advocates. Still, Transition House has only 24 beds. A meeting was held to address the homeless crisis on June 21 at the Columbus Centre.

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According to Northumberland County official reports, 78 people are homeless. It could be more. There are only 24 beds at Transition House, the county’s only emergency shelter.

People are sleeping in tents in the local woods. They sleep on the beach. They live in their cars. There are young people, single people, families, and, shockingly, seniors who cannot afford to live in their houses anymore.

Leaders from the Green Wood Coalition, Moms Stop Harm, and St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church wrote an open letter calling on the community to come out to a meeting earlier this week to brainstorm solutions. This interview puts the issues surrounding the meeting into context. Here is the interview.

Originally aired: June 24, 2022

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