VIA rail station and taxi fees on agenda for Monday night council

Come to watch coverage of a deputation by the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario (Cobourg) related to the proposal for the VIA rail station. Also, you can find out about the new taxi licencing policy and fees. For live, interactive coverage click Here.

One thought on “VIA rail station and taxi fees on agenda for Monday night council

  1. I missed the live presentation last night but just finished it this morning. Really glad that Consider This is tackling this job, it’s a valuable resource for anyone interested in Council businesss.

    Have had the live experience from start to finish the first time and while I appreciated it, it was hard to stay focused what with the family hovering around distracting me as the writers online scrambled to make sense of it and report it at the same time. Quite a task and Rob and Scott are to be commended.

    Hopefully this experiment will thrive as time passes. The opportunity to comment is great, and the best reason to try and get online and stay with it. Maybe next week for me!

    For County Council watchers, the next budget meeting is Feb. 16th and will be an all day event with each of the seven departments making detailed presentations. I’ll be reporting on that for the Burd Report.

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