Live, interactive Cobourg council coverage Monday night

Citizen journalist Scott Lamberton is taking a well-deserved break from his usual Monday night chores. Instead, e-journalism professor Robert Washburn will be filling in for Cobourg council coverage. To join us Monday night at 7 p.m., click here

4 thoughts on “Live, interactive Cobourg council coverage Monday night

  1. You are so kind. I was saying this with a wink and nod. Not seriously. I am so pleased you find the combination so useful and fruitful. This is my ideal and want to improve and build upon it. Having backup so we can continue to model is a great idea. One worth pursuing.

  2. No need to feel crushed, Rob. You did a fine job of covering for Scott, I just missed you in your normal role providing “moderation and insights” as I said earlier. It’s definitely better with both of you there, and with comments from people participating from home.

    A one man show it is not, even when that man is you. Like Sonny without Cher, or the Captain and no Tenille, or, or, you get the idea.

  3. I am crushed. I was at council this evening providing coverage. Sadly, there is not wireless in the council chambers. Hence, I am left with only my Blackberry and my Twitter account for the job. Hope we all survived. See you next week with full service.

  4. Scott was definitely missed tonight, as were the comments from the peanut gallery and Rob’s usual moderation and insights. Maybe an alternate could be trained to cover for Scott when necessary so the experience isn’t diminished so much. Just a thought.

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