Cobourg municipal council coverage, live and interactive

Consider This citizen journalist Scott Lamberton is back in the public gallery Monday night to bring live, interactive coverage of Cobourg municipal council. Learn what is going on and join the discussion. Click Here

One thought on “Cobourg municipal council coverage, live and interactive

  1. It was indeed a very interesting evening and I was able to be there in person-although following it last week when on the train was a very interesting experience also. I’m afraid due to the train motion my comments got increasingly jumbled – or it could have been that second glass of wine! Anyway – the two issues I was interested in:
    VIA, Rob, have absolutely no obligation to involve the Town in any of their decisions. This as a federal agency. They provided no information whatsoever to the Planning Department. They are responsible only to Parks Canada as far as the heritage station is concerned, and anything outside a 100 ft radius from that building is exempt from Parks Canada guidelines. Which is why the planned bridge is so far down, and why, although there will be some sort of covered walkway extending in the direction of the old station it will not connect – that is also not allowed under Parks Canada rules. Customer experience, by the way, is one of their favourite expressions. The only way to exert pressure on them is through the MP, and his assistant (or one of them) was there last night. Will be interesting to see what what she takes back and if there is any reaction. I had a battle with VIA about three years ago when they arbitrarily took away the cheapest ticket price from the stations between Toronto and Montreal. Didn’t need it, they said. I went to Norlock’s then assistant and miraculously pressure was applied in Ottawa and we got them back. Miriam asked about a public meeting and was told definitely not.
    Re the windows issue. The price that was being quoted for the replacement windows was indeed very favourable and, I understand, way below what a full price quote would be. My guess would be that these would be pretty basic windows. What now happens is that the issue goes back to the Heritage Committee and that they have to be satisfied that the replacement windows indeed replicate (the word was used, not look somewhat like, or a little bit like) the windows that are to be replaced. The interesting question will be, what would the increase in costs be to provide proper replications? We will see.

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