Urgent plea to restore heritage downtown comes before committee

The future of Cobourg’s heritage downtown was the subject of a passionate presentation by residents Joe and Joan Sherman Wednesday night.

The two long-time activists and heritage supporters said something must be done to make the revitalization of the town’s core a reality. Here is what happened.

One thought on “Urgent plea to restore heritage downtown comes before committee

  1. I have a ton of respect for both the Shermans and Joan Chalovich. Both are long time downtown landlords, the good kind who care about both their tenants and their properties. We should listen to them.

    In terms of renovating upper floors of downtown buildings, that idea has been around since the late 80s at least, when the Province did offer financial incentives to landlords to do that. Nobody was interested then, despite efforts by our local Access to Housing commnittee. It’s time to get it going again and work harder to get landlords interested in the project. Heaven knows we need the housing, especially if it was offered on a rent subisidy through the county to low income tenants. It can be done, folks!

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